Gulf Church is more than just a church. It's a new way of thinking about church. Because of this we believe there are different ways that you can be a part of spreading the good news in your own neighborhood or community, and here are three ways we can help.

Option 1: Imitation
Anyone is welcome to use our ideas to start a church of their own. If you decide to try to start a New Testament church we would highly recommend studying our lessons very closely. This will be beneficial as you think through what God expects of the church.
Option 2: Affiliation
If you're already in a New Testament church then you might want to become affiliated with Gulf Church. We'll put your gathering on our visit page, and this can lead to fellowship opportunities with other gatherings. Email Bronson Taylor to learn more.
Option 3: Education
We are always looking for spiritual men and women that are wanting to be used by God. We are willing to train others so that we can send them out to evangelize and start gatherings in communities where we need them. If interested email Bronson Taylor.